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Monday, July 28, 2008

Space Bags II

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boy Mom

Before I became a "boy mom" I used to think there wasn't much difference between boys and girls. BOY, oh BOY was I wrong.

While I was pregnant, I craved KFC with lots of gravy. I knew right then and there (well before any ultrasound could confirm) that I was having a boy. A girl would simply NOT do that to her mother.

Last week, Ben was riding in the van after yoga class (his, not mine):
B: Mommy, which teacher is Miss Lindsay?
H: What?
B: Mommy. At "yoda". Which one is Miss Lindsay?
H: She had on the yellow shirt.
B: (dreamy look in his eyes) Oh. Miss Lindsay with the boobs.
H: What?
B: Jeez, Mom. Not BIG ones. Just boobs like this... (he put his hand under his shirt and pushed it out just a small amount... you know... to make "not big ones".) What's the other teacher?
H: Trina?
B: Yes. Trina has the BIIIIIGGGG boobs.

Saturday at lunch, after he ate a huge bag of Dorito's:
B: Hey, Mommy.. smell my tongue.

Friday, July 18, 2008

On the edge of a psychotic break

Have you been wondering where all the blog posts have been? Perhaps you thought since I was 30, I'd become too old and frail to continue my blog. Not quite the case. Now that I've purchased a new pair of reading glasses from the dollar bin at Target, I'm ready to update you on my first few weeks as an old woman.

Since my birthday 2 weeks ago, I think I might be exhibiting some of the signs of a psychotic break. I remember from Psychology 101 that people in their early 30's are at a higher risk for some sort of psychotic episode. Here's the evidence:

* The day before my birthday, I joined a running club and am training to run a half-marathon in October. I've been averaging about 8-10 miles (total) during the week and then 6-8 miles (all at once) on Saturday mornings beginning at 6:00. To answer your questions: 1) No, I'm not being chased, nor is there a big Nordstrom shoe sale at the finish line. 2) Nope. I'm still NOT a morning person, but it's WAY too hot to run at an hour I would deem reasonable.

* On a whim, I decided that all the white molding in the house needed to be repainted IMMEDIATELY. Oh, and the doors. Oh, and we should probably touch up the walls in the places they need it.

* Last Friday, the 3-door medicine cabinet and "Hollywood" lights that have lived in our bathroom for all of eternity became unacceptable. As did the "Hook 'em Horns" wall color. So, a trip to Lowe's provided a new cabinet (oops! It was a few inches smaller than the big hole in the wall), a new light fixture (which required a different hole in the wall and some wiring), drywall, primer, paint, more paint, rollers, brushes, etc. When I put the first coat of drywall putty on, I thought it was strange, but kept going. After it dried, I realized it was ceramic tile adhesive, not drywall compound. Oops. Back to Lowe's for a power sander and heavy sandpaper.

* Yesterday, as I began to inspect the front room to tape the walls (for the molding painting, you know), I saw that the faux paint finish I did in there several years ago has chipped and can not be repaired. So, there are several paint swatches now hanging in our front room. I might wait to start that until Kindermusik is completely finished next week.

I'm sure there are more crazy things that have happened in the last week, but I've forgotten them. Call it early Alzheimer's.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Mess with the Mayfield

This week, Ben says:

After chasing the cat for a "snuggle:
B: Gertie, I love you very much, but-- you know what? Sometimes I just wish you'd be still. (So young, so MUCH irony.)

Sunday night, dinner at my parents' house:
H: What friends do you want to have at your birthday party?
B: Ummmm.... lots. Like Riley, and Will, and Jack, and...
H: Which Riley?
B: Good Riley AND Bad Riley.
H: Ben. Remember, we're not going to call them that. Can you remember their last names?
B: Yep. Riley Wineinger and Riley Phelan.
H: Right.
?: Isn't Riley's dad a doctor? (I can't remember who asked.)
B: (emphatically) Nope. He just dresses up as one.

(Sorry, Ryan. I guess those years of college and that office you go to everyday is all an elaborate sham.)

While driving home from dinner last night:
B: Awww. That lady just dusted our car. GROSS!
H: What?
D: (laughing) That woman in the car next to us just blew cigarette smoke out her window toward our car.
B: That's horrible. Now our van is dirty. She's a BAD lady.

Preschool Pick up:
H: Hey, Bud! Did you have a good day?
B: Sure.
H: What did you do?
B: Ummm, why don't you ask Miss Lori. She knows.