A brief glimpse into the daily happenings of a 6-year-old, his new baby brother and his family.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Grade

Yesterday was a day of "firsts".  Among the firsts we experienced yesterday:
* FIRST time we've been up and out of the house before 8AM in months

* FIRST time I've had to leave the house before 8AM ---and--- get myself presentable, Henry presentable, and Ben presentable in less than 3 hours.
* FIRST day at the new Highlands Elementary.
* FIRST day in FIRST grade
* FIRST time Ben has been asleep before 9pm in as long as I can remember

(Did you know if you type "first" a bunch of times it starts to look weird and you have to spellcheck it?)

Ben's teacher this year is Mrs. Bundy.  As is my tradition, as I walked him into his classroom, I offered to provide her with chocolate, ear plugs, and booze... her choice.  Ben had a great first day and is looking forward to the FIRST full day of school on Thursday.