A brief glimpse into the daily happenings of a 6-year-old, his new baby brother and his family.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Now that my expanding belly is making it difficult to keep a secret from anyone who sees me (and now that it's the P.C. time to share), we are happy to announce that Mayfield Baby #2 will be making his/her arrival sometime in late-May or early-June. As excited as we were to find out about my pregnancy, we were equally excited to tell Ben so that he could begin sharing his ideas about having a brother or a sister.

Several weeks ago, I had my first ultrasound. I have to be honest, it didn't look like much. But, it was something tangible, so we showed Ben the pictures.

H: Ben. I want to show you something. See this? Right there (pointing to the ultrasound picture) is a baby. Our baby. We're going to have a new baby and you are going to be a big brother.
B: (staring skeptically at photo) Hmmmm. Where? Here? Soooooooooo, babies just start as dots?
H: Well, yeah.
B: Was I a dot in your belly?
H: Yep.
D: What do you think, buddy?
B: This is great! I really want a brother but I don't want him to eat my toys. Can we build him a new room? (gets very quiet and totally distracted by a Transformer)

A few minutes later....
B: Uh, guys? (looks at the ultrasound picture again)
H&D: What?
B: Our baby kinda looks like Bob. (from Monsters vs. Aliens: See below)
Thus, Poor Baby, you are "Bob". If you're a girl, you'll be "Bob the Girl".