A brief glimpse into the daily happenings of a 6-year-old, his new baby brother and his family.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello, My Friend, It Sure Has Been Awhile

(For those of you playing along at home, YES.  I did just title this blog post with the first line of a legendary Nelson song. You are welcome to worship me.)

So, holy crap.  Having 2 kids is WAY more time consuming than having one.  It's exponential, not double.  Yes, all of you who have 2 children are saying, "Duh."  I do not know how parents of 3 or more children function.  Now that Henry is 4 months old, I thought it was time to get back in the swing of my blog. 

First, the First Grader. 
Ben.  Ben. Ben.  Ben who has already racked up 4 sick days this quarter and will have number 5 tomorrow.  We made it all the way through Kindergarten without a single illness.  This year?  Strep and a stomach virus.  I think he must be kissing more girls or something....

He likes learning his spelling words each week and is a wiz at math (clearly genetic from his father, not his mother).  This week, we found out that Ben needs reading glasses.  He looks very handsome but much older.  He's not thrilled with the idea, but I think he'll come around.  I hope.  There are few things more stubborn than Ben when he makes up his mind...

Then, the Benevolent Dictator known as "Henry". He is darling.  And, I'm starting to see a little bit of resemblance to his big brother.  His recent accomplishments include rolling over from back to front, playing in his exersaucer, and "eating"
 rice cereal.  Most of all, he kills time with me until Ben comes home from school each day.  He thinks Ben is the coolest, funniest, best thing ever.  The rest of us are just here for decoration. 

I have said to several people that it's a good thing Ben was first or there wouldn't have been a second.  Don't get me wrong, I love Henry, but whoooooooo doggies is he high strung.  He likes things how he likes them when he likes them.  I have absolutely NO IDEA where that comes from.  (Although my mom did say, "I think Hank is going to be more like you."  Ummmm...yeah.)

"But, Heather," you say, "What do you do with your days? I mean, you don't WORK..."  When I'm not enjoying sitting on the couch eating bon bons, I'm the room parent for Ben's classroom, heading up a couple of committees for the PTA (aren't you surprised?), attending Stroller Strides classes with Henry, and spending lots of time in the evenings wondering where the hell the day has gone.  I am also catching up on television programming from 1 to 4AM since Henry frequently wakes up to visit in the middle of the night.  I'm sure I do other things, but I honestly am thinking, "hmmm...  What DO I do all day?  Facebook? Well, not ALL day. I drive. A lot.  I yell at people in the school parking lot. Hmmmmmm..."