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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apples (but most importantly...doughnuts)

It has been busy month since I last posted to the blog! Kindergarten, a trip to Papa and Grandma's 60th wedding anniversary party, more Kindergarten, and a couple of days off.

Today was a teacher in-service day, so we headed to Louisburg to the cider mill. I remembered that you used to be able to pick apples there, but not anymore. The boys had a great time watching a semi-truck full of apples turn into cider. The also really enjoyed the cider doughnuts and playing on the huge bales of hay.

We came home with some cider, kettle corn, caramel apple candy corn, and cider doughnuts.
Ben came home with hives all over his legs from playing on the hay. That is the gift that will keep on giving all week. Poor guy.

The funniest part of the day was listening to the two apple experts (Ben and Riley) explain to me just how many apples were in that truck and the process by which all those BILLIONS of HUNDREDS of apples was going to turn into cider. It was something about ninja swords and lots of chopping. Oh, and then crushing and squeezing (complete with physically squeezing demo) to get the cider. There was also quite the debate about the difference between cider and juice. Riley was sure that "juice" meant "full of lots of sugar." (Jill--- what kind of juice are you feeding that kid? You know, Hawaiian Punch is NOT a juice.)