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Friday, January 19, 2007

Dressed for Sick-cess

Ben is home sick today with a nasty tummy bug that seems to be going around. I've pretty much thrown all the normal rules out the window and he's had the run of the house (even more than normal). He's washed dishes in the sink (with bubbles!), played in the bathtub for almost 45 minutes, and has watched the same Harry and His Bucket of Dinosaurs 3 times...in a row.

After his long, leisurely bath, I decided he couldn't wear his applesauce caked, dish washing soap drenched pajamas anymore, so I laid out a shirt, pants, and socks on his bed. He came running into his room and said, "Ummm.. does this match?"

Yes, peanut. It's what all the toddler-sick trendsetters are wearing this season. I promise.

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