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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Motivation to go to the gym

Last night, we attended Zany Zoo night at Ben's preschool. The invitation suggested that children dress is "zoo/safari" attire, so Ben put on his safari vest, plastic safari hat, and wore a pair of binoculars. As we were getting ready to leave, Ben was leading a safari expedition around the living room. He'd look in the wrong end of the binoculars and say, "WHAT IS IT?" Then he'd zero in on someone or something and say, "IT'S A MIMI." "IT'S A DINOSAUR.", etc..

I was picking up Legos for the billionth time so that they wouldn't become doggie snacks while we were gone. Not following good "back health" rules, I was bending at the waist instead of at the knees. I heard Ben say, "WHAT IS IT? and then felt the binoculars smash into my rear end. As he stepped back a step, he yelled, "IT'S A HIPPO."

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