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Thursday, June 7, 2007

How does your garden grow?

A few weeks ago, we planted our first garden. We're growing...or trying to grow... tomatoes (big and grape sized), several varieties of peppers, cantaloupe, pumpkins, carrots, snap peas, flowers for cuttings, and herbs. I have no doubt that it will sustain our food needs through the summer and fall. Now if we could only have a cow or two. Then we'd be self-sufficient without those pesky grocery stores or McDonald's.

Ben has been busy helping clear sticks and digging weeds. Like his mom, gardening (along with any other hobby) is all about the wardrobe. He wears Backyardigans garden gloves and his Mickey Mouse Crocs anytime we work in the garden. He also has his own garden tools which we've been encouraging him to use around the border of the garden rather than right on top of the growing plants.

Right now, his favorite part of the garden is the worms. At first, he only wanted to touch them with gloves on but he's become more adventurous and will now pull them out of the ground and talk to them. It usually goes something like this:

BEN: Hi. Hi Worm. I'm Ben. This my mommy, Heather.
WORM: no response (stuck up, snobby worm!)

B: WORM! HI! HI! I'M HOLDIN' YA! HI! WHAT YOU DOING HERE WORM? ('cause worms are hard of hearing and sometimes need to be yelled at... their ears are really small.)
W: frantically trying to wiggle out of his hand... still no response
B: MAMA! That worm likes me. WORM! WHERE YOU ARE GOING?
W: finally makes his escape and burrows into the dirt as fast as it can
B: Awww, man. He's gone. Maybe him misses his family.
I think the only thing missing from our garden now is a BIG garden gnome. As soon as I find the perfect one, I'll post a picture.

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