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Monday, July 9, 2007

Something other than horrible rashes

Our garden has finally produced its first crop of the season! On Friday, I went out to do some weeding and found 3 huge cucumbers ready to be picked. The tomato plants are also loaded with tomatoes, although most are still green. Ben and I did find one red tomato, which he promptly ate. We also discovered that our garden (more specifically the cucumber plant) is home to a nest of 3 baby bunnies. After having Don confirm that they were indeed bunnies and not some sort of scary rat/mouse/squirrel critters, I decided they could stay until they are old enough to hop away. When that happens, they will be promptly served a Mr. McGregor's eviction special (not in a murder kind of way.. more of a cover the hole and make sure they know we have dogs kind of way).

"Mommy! This is a 'buh-ma-toe' from our garden!"

"Mmmm! This is a 'dood' buh-ma-toe. I love it!"

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