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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Soccer Monster

One of Ben's favorite Backyardigans songs goes like this, "I am a soccer monster, I love the soccer ball. I would rather play soccer than do anything at all." So, maybe he doesn't love soccer quite that much, but he has enjoyed the Saturday soccer clinic we've been doing for the month of October.

Imagine 15-20 three-year-olds and the parents (each child with their own soccer ball) doing soccer drills and playing soccer games for 45 minutes. Yep, it's crazy. In fact, unless you've been there, you can't truly appreciate how nuts it is. But, it's also pretty fun and it seems to make Ben at least a little tired.

Check out that balance-- esp. considering the ball is almost as big as he is!



(Just in case you thought they only looked alike from the front)

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