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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hark! the Herald Angels DID NOT sing

As soon as I found out that Ben's school was having a Christmas program, children standing on risers and all, I had a feeling that my child would not stand like a little cherub and sing. Boy, do I know my kid.

The parents all sat in anticipation as the 40-ish 3 year olds filed in with their jingle bells in hand and took their place on the risers. Ben followed the people in front of him, looked around, and promptly moved to a new location. He really wanted to stand by a classmate, Riley (not Riley of "Dingle Balls" fame, a Riley in his class--- one Ben calls "the Bad Riley"...but that's another story). Miss Becky sweetly moved him to his original spot. Ben sweetly moved back beside Riley. Miss Becky again moved Ben to his original spot, this time with an up-close meeting and some whispering.

When the music started, the children launched into Jingle Bells while ringing their bells. Ben stood still as a statue. He gave the bell one half-hearted shake, then dropped it to the floor. A mom sweetly tried to give it back to him. He said, "No 'fanks." After the second song, Ben decided to leave the stage. Ah, my conscientious objector. You don't let me stand by my friend.. I'm not going to participate in your dumb program.

After several songs, the kids sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Ben decided he could sing along--- after all, that song ends in cake. He went back up to his spot, sang along and accepted the applause and cheers the parents showered on the children who had actually done something.

The best part was the cookie and punch reception at the end of the program. He ate 3, count them 3, decorated sugar cookies in no time flat. We were so proud.

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