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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

World's Slowest Sweatshop

After months of good intentions, I have finally decided to launch a little mommy cottage industry. I'll be cranking out less-than-expertly made baby/toddler items that non-sewers seem to love (ooohh.. maybe THAT's my slogan). I've been making baby blankets with big fuzzy initials for a few people and will add some little jumpers, dresses, overalls (with big, silly ruffles at the ankle for girls), pants, maybe some appliqued onesies if I am inspired. Once I have a few samples made, I'll launch a separate blog that will post photos of the items and allow people to order, etc.

All of this began when one of my Kindermusik babies attended class last week in a darling little jumper. Then I went to a local "mom and pop" fabric store and found the most adorable Valentine's Day fabric. I decided that Baby Hannah clearly needed one... ok, so maybe this all began when Katie had a baby girl almost a year ago.... Anyway, here's the dress:

front view

back view

When I delivered the dress to Katie and Hannah on Monday, I got my first order from another mom in class. Watch out Baby Gap... here comes:

Pink Elephant
The World's Slowest Sweatshop


Pink Elephant

Less-Than-Expertly-Made-Baby/Toddler-Items that Non-sewers Seem to Love

-or-- maybe just:

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant is now online at: http://www.pinkelephantbaby.blogspot.com

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