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Monday, March 10, 2008

Captain Obvious

The waiting is over. Bright and early Saturday morning, Ben pad, pad, padded into our room, positioned his face within millimeters of mine and said:

B: Mom. Mommy.
H: What? It's VERY early in the morning.

B: But Mom. This is a buh-mergency.
H: Oh, what is it (suddenly very awake, thinking something was on fire or worse, that he had peed somewhere gross)
B: Well, can we go to the dog store? Harper would like to come too. Do you know why, Mommy?
H: Why?

B: Because one of my fish got taken out.
H: (pause: thinking--- SWEET! No death talk. No funeral in the bathroom.)
B: Yeah. So we gotta go to the dog store to get a new fish.

So, it only took him 22 days to notice. Maybe not the most perceptive child on the planet, but can you believe my luck? It was a total non-event. Yep. It's totally normal for fish to just disappear. And, of course you just go to the store and get new ones. It's just like the pairs of socks where you can't find the mate or Barbie shoes (remember how you could never keep track of those stupid things?).

When we went to the "dog store" (PetCo) on Sunday to get a new fish, Ben suggested that we might get 2, just in case we "losed" another one. Good thinking. So, we now have 3 little fish swimming in the tank. Names? Ash, Dawn, and Pikachu (peek-uh-jew). Evidently, "team" isn't a good name for a solo fish, so he had to file paperwork to legally change his name. "Dawn" is the girl Pokemon trainer... and thus, the obsession continues (see previous post ).

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