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Friday, May 16, 2008

Whew. I'm glad THAT's over.

So here I sit on a Friday afternoon footloose and fancy free after completing my last Kindermusik classes, making 13 pounds of chicken salad on Monday night, making 13 pounds of chicken pasta salad on Tuesday night, making 4 dozen cookies on Wednesday night, finishing up end-of-the-year teacher's gifts for Ben's 4 teachers, attending Ben's spring program at school, and getting half of the "before classes start again" work done for the upcoming summer of Kindermusik. Whew.

Today, Ben and I welcomed a new routine. One of waking up whenever. Of leisurely hanging out. One of doughnuts in the park followed by lunch in the park, followed by playing in the park until we felt like going home. Clearly this routine agrees with Ben who has said, "It's sure great that...." or "It's really good that we..." in front of almost every sentence today. As in, "It's really good that we got doughnuts with 'frinkles'." and "It's sure great that we're having lunch in the park."

In honor of our new routine, I thought I'd post two pictures of Ben on his last day of school.

In the next few days, I'll post some highlights of the last few weeks including:
* The many adventures of the "Ring Bear"
* Play by play of Ben's spring program hopefully with video (esp. where he sings about "Jesus in a box" and the stormy relationship between pilgrims and Indians).
* Why one should never go to Home Depot and on a whim decide to re-do all the landscaping in the backyard.

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