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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a bird away from a three-ring-circus

A week ago, I got an email advertising a darling kitten in need of a good home. I forwarded the email to Don suggesting that she would make a perfect anniversary/30th birthday gift. Now, a kitten is not a new suggestion in our house... it usually goes like this:
H: At Petsmart today they had the cutest kitten.

D: In the yellow pages, I found the cutest divorce attorney.

H: Ben, wouldn't it be fun if we had a kitty at our house?
B: Yeah. It would be so sweet.
H: Tell Daddy.
B: Daddy? We need a kitty at our house.
D: Sorry, buddy. It's a kitty or me, but we can't have both.

Imagine my surprise on Friday when Don emailed me back to agree. Let's set up a play date with the dogs, he said. If it all goes well, we can keep her. The play date went well. (Well: an adjective meaning "neither dog ate the kitten and the kitten didn't draw blood from any living things or poop/barf anywhere".)

The next important step was deciding on a name. Ben suggested Shawna. (I know, what 80's movie has he been watching... Shawna? Seriously?) The name list got narrowed down to "Penny Lane" (for Kate Hudson's character in Almost Famous, not the Beatles song) or "Gertrude". We've settled on Gertrude, but we call her "Gertie" or "Gert".

Gertie is 8-weeks old and weighs in at a whopping 2.2 pounds. Harper is terrified of her and gives her lots of space. Yesterday, Harper actually stayed in the same room with Gertie for a few minutes... definite progress. Abby is obsessed. We can't decide if it's a playful obsessed or a carnivorous obsessed, but the two have come to an agreement... Abby can follow Gertie everywhere and drool on her head. If she gets too close, Gertie swipes her nose and Abby backs off. Ben is in love. He hugs her, chases her, hugs her, SQUEEZES her, and chases her when she runs away. Then he repeats that sequence until we tell him to LEAVE THE POOR CAT ALONE.

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