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Sunday, August 17, 2008

12 Mile Update

Yesterday, I completed my first 12 mile run. It was not pretty, but I made it. Since I had to teach Kindermusik yesterday morning and "the group" was running WAY out in Olathe, I ran solo with some great new tunes on my iPod for company. Because I didn't have the benefit of water stations, I mapped a course from our house where I'd run in one direction for a few miles, then back home for a break before heading out in a different direction.

Just as I was heading in for my second water stop at mile 6.9, I felt something in my knee "shift" (it wasn't a "pop" exactly..) and the next thing I knew I couldn't straighten or bend it. This made running a bit tricky. I hobbled into the house for an ice pack and contemplated stopping for the day. But, the fact that I hadn't even completed last week's distance bothered me, so (against the advice of Don), I headed back out and promised to run slower and stop if I felt the "shift" again.

So, my last 5.1 miles were spent reminding myself of the following:
* Lance Armstrong had chemo and one nut and still got on that bike and won races.
* Michael Phelps swims 5+ miles everyday. At Olympic speed.
* Worst case scenario: I'll blow out my knee and get to have a Rascal scooter for awhile. Sweet.

I have to admit, I've been infected with the running bug. This is the first time I've ever actively trained for anything and it is awesome to see the results. Plus, the gear is great. In addition to the great shoes and running specific apparel, the world of technology has found the runners. I have a nifty running watch by Nike that keeps track of my pace, distance, and calories as I run. The watch is a band with a USB that uploads to Nike's website and tracks each run, allows me to set goals, and has challenges with people all over the world. Currently, I'm in a 1/2 marathon challenge and a Super Bowl Challenge where participants run 500 miles between September 1st and the day of the Super Bowl. It's really neat to have a connection to runners all over the world. In the 1/2 marathon challenge, I am one of only 3 people in the U.S. Pretty cool. Click here to see the NIKE+ version of me.

The other essential running tool is my iPod. The right song at the right point in a workout can make all the difference. iTunes has all these mixes designed for runners training for a variety of mileage, speed, etc. My current favorite is called "Running to Covers". It's a funky mix of 80's and 90's schmaltzy pop songs set to a punk or techno beat. John Mayer and Fall Out Boy singing "Beat It" (originally by Michael Jackson), a great version of Manic Monday, Time After Time, Straight Up (by everyone's favorite train wreck-- Paula Abdul), the theme from the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood, etc. Best of all, a version of the horrible theme from Titanic "My Hear Will Go On" by New Found Glory (originally sung my the creepy and awful Celine Dion-- ew. I threw up in my mouth a little just typing her name.). This punk-ish version is so great, I actually sang along.

This week, I'll run 18 miles during the week and then repeat my 12 mile run next Saturday. We've lined up a couple of short races (Nike Human Race 10K on Ben's birthday, Labor Day 5K on the 1st) to compliment my training and to give Don a chance to run with me. I should be in great shape for the Kansas City Half Marathon on October 18th. I haven't decided if I'm running "to finish/ not to die" or if I'm going to set a goal time.

If you live in the Kansas City area, watch out. Now that I have the running bug, I'm looking for my next victim to infect. Next thing you know, you'll get sucked in and you'll be up at 5AM on a Saturday running 10+ miles for FUN.

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