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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is this vacation?

Here we are in day 3 of our vacation. A quick run down of the stats (so far):

* 1, 132: the number of times Ben has asked, "Guys? When will we be at vacation?"

* 99-100: actual high temperature (not counting the heat index) every day. With the heat index? I don't know. What is temperature on the surface of the sun?

* 8: number of slices of bacon Ben ate at breakfast yesterday (that's 3 side orders in case you're wondering).

*10.2: number of miles Heather ran on the extremely hilly roads around the resort beginning at 5:00AM on Saturday morning.

* $3.39: price for a gallon of gas (cheap!)

* 0: number of Target stores in Branson. (Ben is so sad. Only Wal-Marts. Bummer.)

*1: number of Starbuck's in Branson. (It's WAAAY down the main strip and would take about 45 minutes to get there with average traffic. Needless to say, we haven't been there. But, I did see it. Ah, the little signs of civilization.)

*256: number of wet stairs in the Talking Rocks Cave on which Don carried Ben when we visited the cave earlier today.

*50+: number of times Don has said, "Shoji Tabuchi" and then giggled. If he doesn't stop soon, I'm buying him a "Soji" t-shirt and making him wear it. To get in on the joke, visit the Soji website.

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