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Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble Joggle

We started a new family tradition on Thanksgiving this year. We walked in the Turkey Day 5K and Ben ran in the kid fun run. It was a special opportunity for Don to spend some quality time on the Sprint campus bright and early in the morning on his day off. It was also Ben's first chance to "really run in a real race."

B: Mom, what number am I?
H: You're 444.
B: But, I'm 4.

B (about 3 minutes into the race): Mom? Where are the snacks? I'm hungry.

Before the kid run:
H: Are you ready to do the kid run?
B: Yep. I'm totally going to win.
H: Well, there might be big kids that run really fast. Just do your best.
B: But I have to win. If I don't win, I will be so mad at those other kids.
H: Mommy didn't win her race. Mommy just did her best.
B: Yeah? I have to win.

After the run:
B: Mommy. Did you see that? I was awesome.
H: You were great! You did your best.
B: Yep. And I TOTALLY won the race. Now let's go get my goodie bag.

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