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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs (Part 1)

Good grief. I was all set to dye Easter eggs with Ben this afternoon while Don is enjoying the Royal's home opener. I got Ben all whipped into a frenzy about how much fun we'd have with the egg kits I bought--- nothing says "Easter" like Transformers. Anyway, I explained the process, that we'd boil the eggs, let them cool, put the dye tablets in containers, add vinegar and water, watch them fizz, then dip the eggs. The promise of this fantastic event even bought me time to do our taxes uninterrupted. Then I realized.... I bought the same eggs I always buy. Free-range, tree-hugging-hippie-local farm-BROWN eggs. 2 dozen. BROWN eggs. Guess before we boil the eggs, we'll go to the store for white ones.

And, what am I going to do with 4 dozen eggs? Lots of omelets, quiches, egg salad, deviled eggs, etc. in our future. Have I mentioned that I don't even really like eggs? Stupid hippie hens.

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poofylittle said...

this is soo funny....Hmm trying to dye brown eggs is something i would do. Your son is something else.