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Sunday, May 17, 2009

To the Parents of...

I remember vividly the first time I heard, "May I speak to Benjamin's mother?". It was a few days after we came home from the hospital. The caller was one of the nurses at Dr. Hostetler's office calling to confirm our 1-week visit. The question made me pause and fumble for an answer. Oh my God. I'm someone's mother. Woah.

This week, we received a very official letter from the Shawnee Mission School District addressed "To The Parents of Benjamin Mayfield." Oh my God. I'm someone's parent. I'm someone's parent who is getting a letter from the school district. Eek.

In October (yes, October of 2008), we requested a transfer from the elementary school our neighborhood attends to Highlands Elementary. We were told that we'd have to wait to see how the enrollment numbers played out. It was first come, first serve. We were 5th on the list. They also told us that it might be AUGUST before we'd know if the transfer had been approved. So we waited. We attended Kindergarten parent night at both schools and waited. And waited. (Have you met me? I don't wait well. I don't deal with the unknown well. I began wondering who to bribe with baked goods or gifts.)

Anyway, the letter addressed "To the Parents of Benjamin Mayfield" was to inform us that our transfer request had been approved. HOORAY! Ben will be a Highland Hawk as long as he's in elementary school (and as long as his academic performance, attendance, and behavior are not "less than satisfactory." HA!).

We are officially on the road to Kindergarten. Here's hoping that all the letters addressed "To the Parents of Benjamin Mayfield" contain good news.

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