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Friday, June 12, 2009

Not a Baby

Ben is catching on to the idea that he's now a "big kid going to Kindergarten". It must be from all the recent instances of, "if you're a big kid who is going to Kindergarten, then you can...." or "big kids who go to Kindergarten always....". It's getting all kinds of things done around the house from handwriting to cleaning up toys.

A few other instances of big kid-ness:

* On a recent play date, we arrived at Riley's house and Ben told me to stay in the car. He let me know that he could 'handle it". He unbuckled his seat belt, pushed the button on the automatic door, walked to their door, rang the bell, and let himself inside. He didn't even turn around to say goodbye. (I hope he'll let me walk him to the door on the first day of Kindergarten, but I won't hold my breath.)

* Last week, Ben had the choice between going to the gym with Don or going to the bookstore with me. He thought about it for awhile and said, "Dad. After much deliberation, I've decided to go with Mommy." (Better yet--- he knew what it meant. When I asked, he said, "it's thinking about something until you decide.")

* Can I get a little personal? He's wiping his butt. Hooray and hallelujah. (He's gonna love this post when he's 20.)

* This morning, after I gave him a kiss, he said, "Mom. No more kissing. I'm done with kissing you. Babies and little kids kiss their mommies." (Ugh. Rip my heart out. But, you know all it is going to do is make me kiss him more. In public. With lipstick.)

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