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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday with Mommy: Sights and Sounds of the Zoo

After I got home from piano lessons/tutoring this morning, Ben and I decided to head to the zoo. It was $1 kid admission day AND it was only 80ish degrees outside. We had a great afternoon! It also reminded me that I am a "boy mom."

After a promise that there would be snacks at the zoo, Ben was willing to head to the zoo. He also needed assurance that there would be some sort of passive transportation because his legs would be tired if he had to walk around the zoo. So, a rented wagon and a smoothie in the first 15 minutes after we arrived were in order.

A few highlights:
B: (with a glimmer in his eye) Mom? What is that pink part on the baboon?
H: That's the baboon's bottom.
B: (big grin) Bottom of what?

H: His tushie.
B: His BUTT? Gross.

Burps and Farts
Hippo: RRRRAAAAARRRRRRR or UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH (however you spell the sound a hippo makes)
B: Holy cow. That hippo just burped.
The hippo went back underwater and bubbles came out of his nose

B: Awww..man. Now he farted. That's a gassy hippo. What did he eat?

B: WOAH! Look at the size of the elephant poop. Wow (complete awe).

To be fair, I think Ben comes by these observations naturally. Even after 20+ years, my most vivid memory of going to the Omaha Zoo in 1st grade is that one gorilla peed on a carrot and the other gorilla picked it up and ate it. (And, it still makes me giggle.)

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