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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bob? Boberina?

We're 10 days away from knowing if the bins and bins of baby boy clothes I saved are staying or going. Ben is still convinced that my ever growing belly is full of a girl baby. We decided that Ben will join us at my ultrasound next Friday morning so that he can't "blame" us if it turns out to be a brother.

I'm starting to notice frequent kicks and jabs from Bob. After a rather forceful bump to the belly, I realized that it's just beginning to sink in that we're having another baby. I know that sounds crazy...hello....one look at my body and it should be obvious...but the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy were like a long, crummy flu. Now that I feel better, I'm ready to settle in and enjoy the next few months until we become a family of four.

Ben continues to ask hilarious questions and make funny observations. Having a 5-year-old share the experience has been such fun. Here are some highlights:

*Mom? I don't want Bob to touch my stuff. She'll bite the heads off all my "guys." (Because, in his head, evidently I am giving birth to a piranha or Cujo.)

* When Bob is born, will you still be the same tall as you are now because Daddy said you will shrink? (Just the belly and the boobs shrink, the height will stay the same...I hope)

* Woah, Mom. Your belly looks HUGE. What did you and Bob eat??

* I don't think I can go to school next year because you're going to need me to stay home and help with Bob.

* When Bob is born, I'm gonna teach her how to do karate. And Kung Fu. Oh, and to like pickles.

What a good big brother. And we think Ben is going to need therapy when he grows up. Are there therapists that begin working with children BEFORE they're born? Bob might need it.

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