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Sunday, January 14, 2007


The weather here has been yucky since Friday. The long term effects of hibernation are beginning to show. It started with the dogs--- they've been crazy since Friday when the ice started flying. 200+ viewings of "Harry and His Bucket of Dinosaurs" and "Ultimate Silly Song Countdown" (Veggie Tales) later, we're like a bunch of caged animals.

This morning, I completely flipped out over the unacceptable manner in which our vacuum cleaner was cleaning. I mean flipped out. Got out the power screwdriver and took the blinking thing apart, swore awhile, put it back together, and went to my parents' house (in the weather!) to borrow theirs. Good thing that Dyson guy doesn't make house calls-- we'd have a $500 new vacuum.

Ben has been finding new and exciting ways to trash his room instead of taking a nap. Seriously, the kid is like a rock star in a hotel. I don't even know where he's finding some of the stuff he piles on his bed. He's tried to use up some of his energy by climbing the walls.....almost literally. He's climbed on the chairs in the office (and fallen onto the wooden floor), the coffee table, the couches (or are they trampolines?), and into his booster seat at the table to demand food.

Don is hanging in there. I'm sure he never thought he'd wish he had to work tomorrow (Sprint gets MLK day off). He's had plenty of time to watch ESPN in between helping fix the vacuum and chasing Ben around the house. I'm pretty sure he wonders what really goes on all day while he's at work.

We did manage to get out for a little while today (we had to pick up a vacuum, you know). We took Ben to a McDonald's playland in hopes of wearing him out. Before I continue, you need a little background: the boy is terrified of slides. He cries, screams, and refuses to entertain the idea that it might be fun. We've all tried to encourage him--- "Mommy will go with you." "See, it's fun!" A few weeks ago, an older lady he was interested in (she was at least 4) told him she'd hold his hand. He went all the way to the top of the slide and then cried for his mommy. I sure hope that's not a sign of his dating future.

Today, I was relaying the slide phobia to Don as we sat in the grown-up hell known as McDonald's Playland. Just about the time I was saying, "Just watch. In a few minutes, I'll have to wedge myself in that plastic tube and rescue him...", down came Ben. From the BIG, RED, TWISTY SLIDE. He was laughing hysterically and when his little feet touched the ground he shouted, "YEEAAAHHH! Clap for Ben! I did it!"

Two little girls proudly patted him on the head (they were WAY older girls-- like 6 and 8). Seems he had suckered them into playing with him by pretending to be helpless and shouting, "Help! Save me!" until they played with him. After he got the two girls to play, pretty soon Ben had all the kids (all older kids) paying attention to and playing with him. He followed them up to the slide and they got him to slide down. Not once, but twice. After the second time, Ben said, "I all done. No more slide." Second time must NOT be the charm.

So, what have we learned from our time in captivity?
* If you call Pizza Hut on a snowy night, it will take at least an hour and a half for your pizza to be delivered.
* Cleaning your house is stressful and therefore should only be done once in awhile.
* Remember when that guy goes crazy from cabin fever in the movie, "The Shining"? Let's just say that I think I saw those twins in the living room and "Tony" and I have had some great chats.
* Ben's future career will be one of the following: politician, actor, or cult leader.

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