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Friday, January 5, 2007

Spanish Eyes?

Having a firm grasp of English, Ben is now going to pad his preschool application by listing "Speaks multiple languages." The first is "mime" (freaky, I know), the second (and slightly more useful) is Spanish.

Tuesday night, we were reading one of our dinosaur bedtime stories. Ben's new favorite thing is to direct our conversations by saying, "Can you say..." then expecting us to repeat him. Here's what happened:
Me: Does he mope, does he pout, does h.....

Ben: Can you say, 'BUMMER.'?
Ben: (puts his hand dramatically on my arm) No, Mommy. Can you say it with your eyes? (gets this dreamy look on his face)
Me: (laughing) Uhhhhhh, hmmmmm.
Ben: Like this (bows his head forward as he closes his eyes, then sits back up).

Wednesday, the babysitter and I had the following conversation:
Kerry: Does Ben speak Spanish?
Me: Uhhhhhhh

Kerry: When we were playing today, he'd pretend to be stuck somewhere and then he'd yell, 'Ayudame!"
Me: God bless Dora the Explorer.
Kerry: When I didn't answer him right away he said, 'Ayudame! That means: help me!"
Me: That will be $25 for a Spanish tutoring session.

It must be so frustrating to be surrounded by such foolish, incompetent grown ups who only speak English.

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