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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Just waiting for the "P.U." Man

With my lips pressed firmly against the front window, I'll be waiting with anticipation tomorrow for the UPS man (or the "P.U. Man" according to a Kindermusik student) to deliver one of my Christmas presents from Don..... a new digital camera. And, let me tell you, once that thing arrives (and I charge it and figure out how to use it), I'll be a photo snapping fool.

Then YOU can wait with your lips pressed firmly against your computer screen for blog updates complete with photos of the charming Mr. Ben. You know you're trembling with anticipation.

And, if you're like my mother, and wondering why I haven't posted all the pictures I've already taken... I ran into a glitch with the photo host I use to post pictures to a blog. I'm hoping tech support will have a solution for me soon.

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