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Monday, February 5, 2007

Bathroom Reading

For Ben's first birthday, he received the book Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. Since I find "bathroom humor" hilarious (I think it's from all the hours spent with junior high students), I have enjoyed this book for quite awhile. In addition to the humorous value, we've found that it's a great educational aide in the potty training journey.

Ben will happily read the book and compare and contrast the size of elephant poop with mouse poop. He'll squeal with delight over fish and bird poop (seriously.). By far, the best part of the book? When Ben reads to us about human poop. Here are the two pages from the book, with Ben's version of the story below:

"Grown-ups poop. Kids poop."
"Babies poop in diapers (waaaaahhhh)."
"Some kids poop on a duck."

Yep. Some kids poop on a duck. Now, if only those ducks at the park would hold still long enough.... Ben would be potty trained. Man, is this kid ever going to need LOTS of therapy.

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