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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Towers, Pirate Ships, and Dive Suits, OH MY!

This week, Ben has become a "lego-maniac" (Remember those commericals in the 80's?... "Zack, Zack, he's a lego maniac."). And, here's the big shocker, he's very particular about which blocks to use and he has a strong vision of what the tower should look like. Here are a few pictures I took when he requested I document the genius in action. He said, "Hey Mommy. Take a picture about me. Me and my blocks."

The beginning of a masterpiece:

He completed this whole tower by himself. However, when I congratulated him on the tall tower, I was told it was a pirate ship. Jeez. Don't you see the plank?

Another creation. I know what you're thinking; but it's a tower... not a pirate ship. Man, you people are not very bright. In fact, it's a "tall, tall tower. For secret agents. See the windows, Mommy?" Uh, nope but you're the visionary.

In addition to tall towers and pirate ships, he's working on a mega blocks dive suit. I know what you're thinking:
1) I have no idea why he knows about dive suits. He built me one the other day and the conversation went like this:
B: Here Mommy, here is your dive suit.

H: My what?
B: DIVE SUIT. Dive suit. For going in the sea.
H: Oh. Thank you. Why do I need a dive suit?
B: It keeps you warm and safe in the ocean.
H: How do you know about dive suits?
B: I just do, Mommy. (Doesn't EVERYBODY?)
H: Who wears a dive suit? (thinking it's gotta be one of our favorite Hispanics-- Dora or Diego)

B: You do Mommy. The dive suit is for you.

2) Yeah, I know. A dive suit made of little plastic blocks is NEVER going to work in the ocean. I won't let him test it in open waters... probably only the bathtub.

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