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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Strawberries and Bananas

Yesterday, I took Ben over to Katie's house to meet Hannah. We spent the drive there discussing the importance of using a quiet voice and not yelling. Overall, he did pretty well. When we arrived, he checked her out and then said, "Can I hold her?" We settled for him sitting by me on the couch while I held her.

He thought Hannah was nice, but couldn't quite figure out why she wouldn't say, "hi" to him. He even tried getting right in her face and saying, "Hi Baby Hannah, Hi Baby Hannah, Hi Baby Hannah, Hi Baby Hannah, Hi Baby.. (you get the idea)." He was most fascinated by her toys. The baby swing and bouncy seat were so cool. He kept asking, "what it does?"

As we were getting ready to leave, Hannah woke up and cried. Ben announced that she was "very, very hungry." Thank goodness he was there to give Katie some newborn care advice.
B: Oh no! Baby Hannah crying. Her very, very hungry.
K: You're right, I think she is hungry. What does she eat?
B: Strawberries and bananas. They her favorite.

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