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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hola, me llamo Ben

Thursday, while dining at the very exclusive "Old Donald's", Ben decided to bridge the language gap and reach out to a fellow human in need. What a humanitarian.

When we sat down in playland, there were only two other people having lunch... a dad and his daughter. The dad was speaking Spanish on his cell phone and the little girl also spoke Spanish. As we ate, I played through several scenarios in my mind-- all were variations of him calling the little girl "Dora" or asking where "Diego" was. Little did I know..

At one point, the little girl had climbed up in the playscape and yelled down to her father, "Papa! Papa!" She smiled and waved. The dad looked up, smiled, waved and said, "Hola!"

At the sound of the "Dora speak", Ben's head whipped to the side as he smiled, looked at the dad and yelled, "HOLA people! HOLA!" Ben then looked up at the little girl and said, "Oh no! Her is stuck in there. AYUDAME! AYUDAME! Help her. Her is stuck." (Ayudame means "help me" in Spanish.)

The father looked over at us, looked surprised and asked me, "Hablen espanol? (Do you speak Spanish)" I smiled (a somewhat mortified smile) and said, "Un poco. Dora. (a little, Dora.)" The dad nodded and said, "Si, si."

I tell ya, the wonders of Nick Jr. and Dora the Explorer.

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