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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The smell of spring

Spring is here! With the beautiful weather yesterday, Ben has discovered that there is a place almost as wonderful as Harper's cave. He played in his sandbox for almost 30 minutes without stopping. He filled and dumped sand all over the place-- the grass, his head, his pants, in his diaper... I truly mean EVERYWHERE.

The only unfortunate side effect of all this fun is the new "spring scent." I am not kidding... when the kid came into the house after playing outside I thought an entire junior high football team had found its way into my kitchen. The kid had the "BO" bad. I'm talking stinky feet, sweaty-after-recess-spent-playing-dodge-ball-on-a-hot-day stink. Seriously. It was don't-you-even-THINK-about-sitting-on-the-couch smelly. The good news is that he smelled fine after his bath and slept better than he's slept in months. HOORAY FOR SPRING!

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