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Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Break Diary Part 2: P T B C

My other spring break project was to have a week-long potty training boot camp for Ben. Somewhat less glamorous than the bathroom floor project (and you saw that big hole in the floor, right?) and somewhat less successful, but at least I can say we tried.

Here are a few daily reports from the trenches:

Monday (day 1): Ben has aversion to the potty seat at Mimi's house. We went to Target to buy a new potty seat and also picked up some motivational "big boy" underwear (Tinkerbell). The only way I can get him to sit on the potty is to paint his toenails and fingernails. **(see note below)

Tuesday (day 2): Great day! Ben does most of his business in the potty. However after cleaning a well-formed poo off the floor, I decide to discontinue the "commando" from the waist down style of potty training.

Wednesday (day 3): Back in our new bathroom, the process comes to a screeching (and screaming and crying) halt. Several accidents cause Mommy to take the big boy underwear away and substitute Pull-Ups.

Weekend (days 6 and 7): Off and on success. He's like clockwork with the poo (must be a man thing) but can't be bothered to pee. I have resorted to a "bribe box" full of dollar store finds. If something goes in the potty, he gets a prize.

Monday (day 8): Back to school. I took him to school in a pull up, with no expectations. Ok, that's a lie. I expected it to be a disaster. I thought his teachers would send home a note that requested he be in diapers until kindergarten. Much to my surprise, he sat on the potty at school several times. He was dry ALL DAY. We celebrated at Sheridan's for ice cream after dinner. He continued to be dry the rest of the night.

Tuesday (day 9): The day I realized how deeply emotionally involved I was in the bodily functions of a 2 year old. He refused to have anything to do with the potty and I refused to be anything less than a basket case. I honestly locked myself in the bathroom and cried about his accidents.

Since regaining some composure and realizing that he'll do it when he's ready, I'm a little more "go with the flow" (pun intended) about the whole thing. Plus, his tushie in Tinkerbell underwear is super cute.

**Note: I know many of you are going to have things to say about the Tinkerbell underwear and the nail painting. No, I'm not raising a transvestite. He is really obsessed with Peter Pan and they didn't have boy Peter Pan underwear. We went to the Disney Store later in the week and purchased some Pan/Hook underwear to substitute for the Tinkerbells. I'm pretty sure the emotional scars from potty training will not be a result of underwear or nail polish...it's much more likely to be the post-traumatic stress of boot camp.

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