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Friday, April 20, 2007

Boy Mom of the Year RUNNER UP

On Wednesday, Ben and I made this season's inaugural trip to DeAnna Rose Farmstead. They've added a new dairy barn that has AIR CONDITIONING, a snack bar, sweet baby cows, and a moooo-vie theater where kids can watch a short video on how milk ends up in those plastic jugs at the grocery store. All our favorite animals were there, many with new babies. The buffalo (who Ben calls "Ed") delighted Ben by staring "right at me, mama."

Spending time with him there made me realize how much he's grown and changed since our last visit there in October. No longer was he too short to reach the door of the goat pen, no longer did he want to make the sounds of each animal. In fact, when I said, "Look, Ben! There's a chicken. Cluck, cluck.." He put his hand in my face and said, "Uh, Mommy. We don't need that." Then he said, "I really like this rooster." I guess I'll have to up my "barnyard game" a bit before our next visit. How about we compare and contrast the quality and physical features of the various breeds of chickens. No? Maybe he'll enjoy a cost analysis on "free range" chicken raising vs. those enormous industrial Tyson-type chicken farms.

Riley and Jill went to the farm with us because it was a beautiful day and because Jill and I are united in our belief that you have to find some way to pass the time from 10:30 until 1:00 that ensures your child will take a nap. I have to say, Jill gets the "Boy Mom of the Year Award." Seriously. The farm has this little pond that is stocked with some sort of fish (unless it's shrimp on a platter with cocktail sauce or a goldfish in a bowl, I don't really know my fish). Jill says, "Do you guys want to go fishing?" I made a face that translated to, "Sorry. I'm a princess. I don't do worms. What if he caught something? Then I'd have to touch a fish to throw it back into the water. Plus, you have to be still and quiet to fish. Nope. Nothing in the whole fishing game for me."

Little did I know that Jill not only knows what she's doing, but actually enjoys fishing. I watched in amazement as she ripped worms in half, carefully stuck them on the hook, helped the boys cast and willingly participated in the whole gig. She even gave them pointers about where the good spots would be and how to expertly reel in a "whopper". If she had performed open heart surgery right there on the little bridge, I don't think I could have been more amazed.
Ben really seemed to enjoy fishing, but Riley was the one who caught a fish. Truth be told, I think fishing might be genetic and Ben must be my kid. He was WAY more interested in sticking the fishing pole as far as he could into the water until I'd grab it away for fear he'd drop it. Oh, and did I mention the cool gravel on the little island? Again, way better than actual fishing. I think he was up for fishing until he realized it is a quiet, still task.... 2 adjectives not synonymous with my charming kiddo. Still, it made for some darling pictures.

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