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Saturday, June 23, 2007

And, yet again, I am put in my place

Ben has been sick this week and along with fever and decreased appetite, it has caused an increase in the vocalization of his opinions. The official diagnosis was roseola (p.s. DO NOT google image search "roseola on children" in an attempt to see what his spots might look like--- I did a little diagnostic work before going to the doctor and I'm just now getting those images out of my head), although the sassy mouth and "smart" comments don't seem to be a part of the illness..hmmmmm....

A few moments from the last 5 days:

Breakfast: Day 2 of the fever and whining...

H: Do you want a Popsicle?
B: (pathetic, little voice) Yeah, a brown one.
H: Ok! One root beer Popsicle coming up.
When I gave him the brown (not woot beer popsicle)

B: AAAAAAAA! NOOOOOOO! (sobbing and shoving it out of the way) THAT'S WOOT BEER. I NOT EATING THAT!

While I was teaching Kindermusik and Don was home with the boy...
D: I'll watch a show with you. What do you want to watch?
B: I want Ninja Turtles. But you go away. Go away in the bedroom. I only watch with Mommy.

Day 3: Brief spurts of manic (semi-violent) energy...
B: PIE-YA! (ninja noise, but with "pie" instead of "hi") (he whacks Abby with a sword.)
H: Ben! Don't hit Abby with the sword! Maybe you need a time out.
B: Maybe YOU need a time out.
(This one did end in a time out...for Ben...for the sassy comment.)

In the car...
H & B: (singing) Slow down, you're gonna crash..." (a song from Cars)
B: Uh, Mom?
H: Yeah, Buddy?
B: Maybe you could just sing on the inside.

I'm happy to report that this morning, he seems to be in better spirits. The fever is gone, the rash isn't quite so leper-looking, and the words (for the most part) have been kind...but, it's still early.

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