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Monday, June 25, 2007

So Many Ladies...

As I sat down tonight to upload some recent pictures, it occurs to me that my son may be the next American Gigolo. With the exception of one photo where he was dressed like a Ninja Turtle (see photo stream), every picture was of Ben and one of his ladies... either kissing, frolicking half naked, or snuggling in bed. Tomorrow, I will begin looking for a nice monastery to keep him in during his junior high and high school years.

I certainly hope none of these young ladies get together and find out they've all been seduced by the same pick up lines. No doubt he's used, "Hey! I'm an In-ja turtle" and "You want Shrek fruit snacks?" to charm all of them.

First, his youngest lady, Hannah. He enjoys kissing her and rubbing her head...oh, and her cool zebra toy on her carseat. See how he lured her into a sense of security by lying down beside her, all innocent like?

Then, he moved in for the smooch (notice that she doesn't look so sure..).

3 days later, he met "Bolivia" (Olivia) at DeAnna Rose for a morning of farm fun. First, a little "splashy, splashy, flirt, flirt, flirt..."

The next thing we knew, Olivia and Ben were both shirtless!

Finally, on his home turf with Lauren. After sharing some popcorn and chasing each other around the house, I heard giggling coming from Ben's room. I went in to find Lauren and Ben shacked up together and was told, "Turn off the light, Mommy. And close the door." OH, MY!

When I opened the door the second time, this was the scene... notice how Lauren is holding a book and looks so innocent and Ben looks like I completely killed the mood. To defend my kid a bit, Lauren was the one who licked his ear when they were less than a year old!

Now I know how all those rock stars' mothers must feel.

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