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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Excuses/ Beastie Boy

"So I checked the blog and as soon as I saw Baby Mason, I knew you STILL hadn't done an update." --Janis (a.k.a. Mimi)

" I know, I know, I know. This is gonna sound really dumb, but seriously, it's just been too freaking hot to update the blog." -- Me

Here are my top 5 excuses:
1) It's been hotter than the surface of the sun and we've been at the pool or in public places where they set their thermostats at 65 degrees or lower.

2) Don has been traveling for work more the last couple of weeks and my "free time" was spent trying not to harm a very busy child. (smile)

3) I've been educating the masses to prepare them for a new school year (really a 4th grader, 5th grader, 6th grader, and 7th grader). "FRACTIONS, MULTIPLYING DECIMALS, STORY PROBLEMS, and a bit of Agatha Christie. Oh My!"

4) Finally catching up on laundry and house cleaning from our vacation....one month ago.

5) My time has been spent making sure that Ben will be "1986 Cool" when he goes back to school. Oh yeah, THAT and making sure he can cut with scissors, use a glue stick, color neatly, that he knows his age/birthday, identifies colors and shapes, knows what street he lives on, and learns letters and their sounds (at least "B", "E", and "N") before preschool starts on Tuesday. (Really, I'm not kidding.)

Here's a peek at life a la Casa de Mayfield since the last post:

After breakfast:
H: T.V. off, Bud. Time for a project.
B: A "fraw-ject"? We can cut? With scissors? And use some gwoooo?
H: Sure! Right after you color this circle.
B: Yuck. I can't do it. You color it, Mom.
(I really need to video tape him cutting. He opens and closes his mouth as he opens and closes the scissors. It is hilarious. In spite of my attempts, the child HATES to color. Can't stand it. Markers or crayons, it doesn't matter. He just doesn't see the point.)

In the van (here comes 1986):
I'm usually a big advocate of listening to kid music in the car. After all, I have a few million Kindermusik songs to choose from--- (and to learn this time of year). But, for some reason, I've been really into listening to the Beastie Boy's "License to Ill" album lately. And, let me say, there is NOTHING cooler than a mom in a minivan with the bass turned up so loud that it shakes the teenagers in Daddy's Mercedes convertible next to her at a stop light.

B: What this song, Mommy?
H: It's called, "Fight for Your Right to Party."
B: I like it. Make it LOUD, Mommy.
B: What they singing about?
H: Parties.
B: You "dodda" fight.....for your "wight".... to PAAAAAARRRRRRRR-TTTTAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

FYI: He can sing the entire first verse (including timing the "kick it!" at the beginning), the entire chorus, and an embarrassing amount of the rest of the song from memory. His favorite lines are "I'll kick you outta my home if you don't CUT THAT HAIR!" and "You ask your mom, please? But she still says NO!"

Next week promises to be a blog-able good time. For starters, it will be the first time since Ben was born that I have one full day a week (9:00-2:30) with Ben and school and no job/meetings/appointments scheduled. So, I can't really use the "don't have time" excuse. Also, Ben starts "big kid" Sunday School, a new PDO class, preschool, and a new Kindermusik class (with "just Miss Amy".. moms don't stay). We wrap up the week with our Fantasy Football Draft and Ben's 3rd birthday party. I promise to record every highlight in excruciating detail. Unless it gets hot outside again.

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