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Monday, August 20, 2007

Big kid

Our baby just isn't a baby anymore. All the talk around the house about "big boy underwear" and "big boy school" must be sinking in...

Last night as we got ready for bed, he let me know just what a big kid he is:
H: Ben, hurry! Harper is saying, 'Ben! I need you!"
B: (looking disgusted and like his mother is quite possibly the DUMBEST person on earth) Mom. Dogs can't talk. (gives me another look that said, "Idiot.")

H: Oh, sorry. I was pretending.
B: Well, dogs just go "woof, woof". They don't have words.

Tonight, however, he had an in-depth conversation with my pajamas about T-Rex's and stegosauruses. Go figure.

Here is a picture of the little man all ready for his first day of the fall semester. He carried his own backpack and lunch. Can you believe how big he looks?

There he goes: a big kid climbing the BIG stairs to school.

The big kid must have had a big day at school. He was in bed with no arguments at 8:00 (so much better than our summer 11:30 bedtime). By 8:35, all was quiet.

Tomorrow will be another big day as he has his first official day of preschool. I'm singing off now to finish sewing the Ninja Turtles, Buzz Lightyear, pirates, Cars characters, and Spiderman on his school bag (Don't ask. You'll see it in pictures tomorrow).

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