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Friday, August 24, 2007

Things NOT on the birthday list

Seriously? Are there really people in this world who are living unfulfilled lives because they can't "cast off anytime, anywhere." Don't you still need a body of water?

In spite of it being a "handsome fishing rod that collapses to the size of a standard ball-point pen (8") to easily fit in a pocket, backpack, glove box, or briefcase -AND- the fact that it makes the "write" gift for anglers, outdoorsmen and campers, I just don't think I'll be rushing to make my one easy payment of $19.95.

But wait! There's more... it does come with a starter tackle set (3 hooks, bobber, 3 weights), a telescoping alloy rod (38 1/2" long when fully extended), a brass-finished reel, 50 feet of 2-pound fishing line (to catch the REALLY big fish), and a practice casting weight.

Somehow, I still don't think Ben is going to want this more than a nice new pair of underwear or a package of new white tube socks.

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