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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bad Case of the WHIM WHAMS

It's time for another installment of "Ben Says."

B: Mom, come see my 'subtraction.'

H: Okay... (I follow as he leads me to his room where he has his Power Ranger motorcycles all lined up on his bed.)
B: See? What do you think of my 'subtraction.'
H: I like it. It's really a nice 'subtraction.' (as I thought.. "hmmm.. I'm not a math person, but how is this 'subtraction.')
B: Ask me what my 'subtraction' is called.
B: Well, it's called a pie-ya-er. (you know, the noun form of "pie ya" which is what ninjas say.)

History Lesson
(2 weeks ago was letter "i" week at school, so Ben's class learned about the Ind... ah, Native Americans. This week, they learned about the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims, the Indi---, I mean, Native Americans, and their "friendship".)
H: Who did you talk about at school today?
B: Friends. It's friendship week. We stay in our "hula hoop" space and we don't touch anyone in their hula hoop space. (Did I mention that Ben has a hard time keeping his hands to himself--- it's tough being a ninja in preschool.)
H: Oh. That's great and you're right...it's very important to keep you hands to yourself at school. But, did you learn about the First Thanksgiving?
B: Yes.
H: Who was there?
B: Riley.
H: No, Love. I don't think Riley was there. Try to remember, what did Miss Becky teach you? Do you remember who was at the first Thanksgiving?
B: Ummmm.... I bre-member. The "Childrens" and the "Aliens."
H: What?
B: Mommy. The "Childrens" and the "Aliens." You know... The "childrens" made a turkey and invited the "Aliens" and their boss, the Chief for dinner. I like to be the chief alien, Mommy.
H: That's good, Buddy.

B: Mom, sometimes I cough because I'm cold.
H: You mean, sometimes you cough because you HAVE a cold.
B: How do I have a cold-- I can only BE cold. Mommy, I'm sick like you. I cough because I'm just a little cold.

Still awaiting a cure...
B: Whew! I have a bad case of the 'whim whams.'
H: Oh. That sounds serious. Does your tummy hurt? (thinking that the whim whams might be related to something "gaseous" in nature and trying really hard not to laugh)
B: No, Mommy. It's just the 'WHIM WHAMS'.
H: Can you tell me about them?
B: You know. Like when you ride a hang glider? You get a bad case of the 'whim whams.' Sometimes my 'subtraction' gives me them.
H: What else can give you the 'whim whams'?
B: When you drive the blue van.

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