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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I know what I'm getting EVERYONE for Christmas

Take a moment and think about the advertising agency responsible for this ad.

Can't you hear the team lead.. "Honey. It was a great day. I landed the Farting Teddy Bear account."

Or, the ad team coming up with slogans: "Here's a winner--- So cute, so cuddly... so surprising." Really? Surprising? That's the adjective they chose?

I really applaud the design team's choice of photo inset. I mean, those people are clearly successful and having a charming dinner party. Check out that blonde-- she's charmed and enchanted by the mysterious bear ripping one on that lovely sofa. And that hand model with the remote--- I hope that hand is well insured.

Because you can't read the yellow box, I've copied it below--- but beware, you're going to want to order one of these bears... "People just can't keep their hands off our cute little Teddy Bear! But they are in for a surprise! Because when they cuddle him, you press a button on a remote and he breaks wind! Guaranteed laughs for everyone! Your friends will be so charmed they'll want to hug him again! Adorable 17 inch, plush bear uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Remote comes with a cell battery."

Discussion Questions:
1) Who says "breaks wind"?
2) What is the social protocol for this? Is it for dinner parties? Casual gatherings? Holidays? What is the situation where you have people over and say, "Look at my sweet new teddy bear" and then have people rushing over to hug it?

3) Who are their friends that will be "so charmed they'll want to hug him again"?
4) Really? He just can't help himself? Where have I heard that before?

Best of all--- order one bear for the low, low price of $14.95 +S.H. -or- order 2 or more Farting Teddy Bears for only $12.95 each+ S.H.)

**The Farting Teddy Bear is the first installment of a new feature: "Buying Guide" in which I'm going to try to feature all the wonderful things you can't live without. Remember the Deluxe Fish Pen (pen-sized fishing pole)?

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