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Friday, June 13, 2008

Captain Perceptive

While Don and I were in San Antonio earlier this week, Ben spent time at Camp Mimi and G-Dad. While they were at DeAnna Rose Farmstead, Ben told a stranger that his parents were gone because they were "taking a vacation from me." Smart little thing, isn't he?

San Antonio was wonderful. We relaxed, lounged at the hotel pool, and spontaneously went to 2 movies. We even spent more than 25 minutes eating dinner and NEVER ONCE did we have to move a Power Ranger or a Ninja Turtle to reach our food. Several people have asked, "So... why San Antonio?" or "What do you DO in San Antonio?" Clearly, those asking are the DO SOMETHING sort of vacationers rather than the DO NOTHING sort of vacationers of which I am an expert. Let me sum up or vacation with an example: Our plane arrived in San Antonio around noon on Sunday. By 8:00 that night, we had already purchased and consumed $60 worth of margaritas and I had eaten my weight (and added some!) in guacamole. Add in the sun and time at the pool and that is a perfect vacation.

We returned home on Wednesday, just in time to pick Ben up at school. When he saw us he said, "HUGS!" I was touched until I realized that he meant "HUGS!" for a little girl in his class, not us. In fact, he said, "But I wanted Mimi to pick me up. Not you." Later, he confessed that he missed us, but "just a little bit... not a lot."

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