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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesdays are for Wusses

Yesterday was one traumatic event after another for Ben. Thank goodness we weathered it with 4-year-old big kid Ben because I can't even imagine the bad day hangover we'd both have today had it happened with 3-year-old Ben.

We headed to Tae-Kwon-Do (about 25 minutes away) ON TIME! only to find a dark and locked studio. Another mom and I waited with our very eager boys for someone to arrive. Finally, we decided to call our houses to check our answering machines. Oops. I missed the message from Miss Pamela that there would be no classes this week because she dislocated her knee. TRAUMA #1. Sad, mournful crying soothed only by Ben listening to the message from Miss Pamela in which she said several times to tell Ben that she would miss him and that she was so sorry they wouldn't have class this week. That, combined with a drive-thru Starbucks.

In the afternoon, Ben went to school. Miss Becky told the class she won't be there on Friday, but Miss Annye (a former teacher that Ben loves) would be there instead. Ben said, "Aww. Miss Becky I will miss you so much." Later in the day, Ben reconsidered. TRAUMA #2.
B: (puts his arm around Becky) Miss Becky, you know what?
MB: What Ben?
B: I'm not going to be here on Friday, either.
MB: Really? Why not?
B: Well. I'm going to be sick. I'm going to have a tummy ache and I'm going to have to go to the "not-shot" doctor. So I won't be here either.
Somehow, I think this trauma may resurface tomorrow when he finds out that Mommy's illness policy requires fever, vomiting, and bleeding out of his eyes to stay home from school on Mommy's day off.

Finally, the most traumatic event of the day. Still feeling the effects of trauma #1, Ben felt that he would make a complete recovery if Riley could come over and play after school. The boys were having such a great time playing inside and outside in the sandbox, then inside for cookies, then outside in the sand, then in Ben's room, then in the family room... you get the idea. After Baby Linus went home, the boys asked to have a Power Ranger sword fight in the front yard. That's when Ben experienced TRAUMA #3. I'll let him tell you in his own words:

Yes, Internet. He got stung by a wuss. Not just one wuss, but two wusses. Those darn wusses built a nest in an empty bird feeder in the big tree in the front yard. Ben and Riley are also convinced that the wusses (or "wops" as Riley calls them) also ate the birds that used to eat the bird food. Those are some killer wusses.

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