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Monday, October 27, 2008

"E" is for "I'm not sharing"

Oh, Christopher Elbow and your artisanal chocolate. How I love thee... let me count the ways...

1) Fleur De Sel (caramel w/french sea salt)
2) Lavender (caramel flavored with lavender-- it's like taking a bubble bath in your mouth)
3) Rosemary (caramel flavored with rosemary)
4) Coffee (caramel flavored with coffee)

5) fresh Lime (chocolate ganache flavored with fresh squeezed limes-- it's my very favorite)
And on, and on, and on.

There are around 25 flavors and there's not a one I won't moan and obsess over. Don just rolls his eyes as I go on and on about the complex flavor, the delicious-ness of SEA SALT and chocolate, or FRESH LIME and chocolate, or CHAMPAGNE and chocolate.

Baby Aidan brought me a box of CE wonderfulness today for our Kindermusik Halloween Party. Since I arrived home about an hour ago, it has been all I can do to not consume the entire box tonight. I've had two pieces and after writing about them will certainly need at least one more before I'm finished tonight.

The way to my heart? Forget a Tiffany little blue box (although I do enjoy that, too). Give me a chocolate brown box with a white lid and a brown "E". Just get your hands out of the way quickly or I'll bite.

(And can I say, GO TO HIS WEBSITE. The pieces of chocolate flash on the screen like some sort of chocolate porn heaven.)

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