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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ben Mayfield, anatomy expert

The last few weeks, Ben has been increasingly interested in his body. Yes, in the way that all little boys are interested in their bodies. But, also in a very Dr. Benjamin Charles Mayfield, M.D. kind of way. I guess it all started with skeletons at Halloween. Skeletons became skulls. Skulls became his brain. Brains turned into hearts and lungs and individual bones and skin and muscles and where colds come from.

He begged for a book called "The Human Body" at Costco (over buying the Kung Fu Panda DVD) that has a plastic model of the human body in the middle of the pages and gives information about each body system. As you turn the page, a new system is featured along with plastic models of those "parts"--bones, brain, muscles, etc.). As much as he's learned (spine, brain, pelvis, "digestive system", ribs protect the lungs and heart, colds come from "bugs" that you have to cough out), he's still a little confused about a few things.

B: Mom, can you buy babies at Costco?
H: Oh, honey. No. Even if you could, you'd have to buy a whole flat of babies.

B: Maybe Target? Target would have good babies.
H: Nope.
B: Oh. Right. Babies have to grow in your tummy. Mommy, can you put a baby in your tummy right now?

Guess which "system" of the body isn't covered in our Human Body book...

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