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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Barfs

It was last week around this time that "the barfs" came to stay for a long weekend. I was their sole host (thank goodness). This meant that Ben had lots of opportunities to earn that pony we've been promising since before he was born, Don got to be a single parent while trying to avoid exposure to the typhoid that was living the the bedroom, and I finally got 2 uninterrupted days of peace and quiet. Be careful what you wish for!

Ben was such a good boy on Friday after school. I explained that I had GERMS. Germs that would make him BARF. Did he want to barf? 'Cause, if so, feel free to come close to Mommy. Kiss her. Have a sip of water from her class. If not, stay in the other room and play quietly. That's just what he did. From 2:30 until Don got home at 5, Ben watched TV, got himself his own snacks, and even cleaned up after himself. Every once in a while, he'd holler, "Mom? You still have the barfs?" I'd say, "Yes." He'd yell, "Ok. That's pretty gross. I'll see you later."

In my fog of barf and contemplating death, I'm not really sure what Don and Ben did Saturday and Sunday. All I know, is that they stayed away from my germs.

Here are a few funny quotes from the weekend:
B: Mommy? Your barfs are bad news. You need to get 'em gone.

Saturday, when he was checking in on me..
B: Know what? Your barfs are the bad guys. They are powerful, but I'm more powerful-er. Open your mouth, Mom.
H: Honey, no. Mommy has germs.
H: Ok... (opens mouth)
B: (as if performing an exorcism) GO AWAY YOU BAD, BAD BARFS. YOU ARE NO GOOD. GET OUT OF MY MOM'S MOUTH. There. Now you'll be better.

On Sunday, I finally felt good enough to try real food so we went to Dragon Inn for Chinese.
As we were leaving...
B: Mom, if we go to dinner, you can't barf on the floor. Ok?
H: Ok. I won't.
B: I'm serious, Mom. It's gross to barf in public.
H: I'll do my best.

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Danyelle Ferguson said...

LOL! You guys are so funny! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Good luck on your run this weekend!