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Monday, February 2, 2009


Ben has a new pet. Nope, it's not another dog. Not a cat, either. Not a fish or a bird or a gerbil ('cause, frankly...ewww.). This pet doesn't need food or water and is acclimating to life in our house well. Internet, my son has a brand new piece of armpit lint that he fished out of his bath last night.
You heard me. Armpit lint. From the bath. Saved from the swirling vortex of the draining water only to need a rapid rescue from the bathroom floor. Ben named his lint, "Yuck." The details, available at this time are as follows:

* Yuck is a boy.
* Yuck began life as a fuzzy navy blue hoodie. He was from the land of "armpit-ia."
* To keep Yuck safe, he lives in a small, round Gladware container with lid firmly secured.

* Yuck is terrified of the dark. Last night, he needed a large, shop-sized flashlight to illuminate his container when Ben went to bed.

Photos coming soon along with requests for recommendations for a nice psychiatrist for preschoolers.

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