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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kindergarten (but only a visit)

This morning was our "meet and greet" with Ben's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bohon. Lured by the promise of stopping for doughnuts before the visit, he got out of bed pretty easily and was ready to roll. When Mrs. Bohon came to meet us in the hall, he trotted off behind her, chit-chatting with her the whole way (SO not a surprise). I was about 50 feet behind because, clearly, he could handle it on his own and didn't want to be seen with his MOTHER. Ugh. But, I overheard him telling her that, "Kindergarten will be a blast. We're just going to have a ball." Ah, if she only knew.

Ben is very excited to have his own chair and a name tag. He's also very proud of his cubby for supplies and that they have a bathroom RIGHT IN THE CLASSROOM! Could life get any better? Wait until he's there on Wednesday and they have 2 snacks, lunch, and recess. Kindergarten rocks.

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