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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Real Kindergartener

Ben had his first official day of Kindergarten today. After waking up to an alarm clock all by himself, he was all business about getting to school this morning. He wouldn't let me take any pictures at home for fear that it would slow us down... maybe tomorrow. Here are a few highlights and the video I took of him walking into his classroom for the first time. At the end of the video, catch what the para in his classroom says when she sees him... it's exactly what a new-Kindergarten parent wants to hear!

About Kindergarten:

B: Mom? When I'm at school all day, I'm going to miss a lot of my shows.
H: That's true.
B: Can you DVR some for me before we leave?

* As we pulled into the parking lot, Ben asked if I was going to "go in." When I said that I was, he sighed and said, "Well. Only today, OK? I can really handle it, Mom."

* After school, Ben announced that Kindergarten ROCKS! (We've been reading a book that my mom bought him called "Kindergarten Rocks" and evidently, it really does!)

* From 3:15 until 5:30 Ben told me stories about school. In "science class" they made a play dough rainbow. They learned a song called "No More Pie" in Music. And, Mom-did-I-know-what? They have cookers that make lunches right at school. And, Mom-did-I-know-what-else? He earned 65-hundred-4-and 60, 70 stars today. He earned a line up and walk in a line star, and a playground star, and a follow directions star, and, and, and... you get the idea.

Here's the video of him heading into school on a rainy day (you may want to take your favorite motion-sickness drug before watching).

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