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Friday, January 26, 2007

Week from "H-E-Double Hockey Sticks"

You may have noticed that I haven't posted as often this week. I will confess it's because I've been in a funk the size of Texas (or as big as Texas thinks it is). It seems that the poo has been hitting the fan at a "wear the bio-hazard suit at all times for your safety" rate this week. I realize in the grand scheme of life, things could be WAY worse, but it's been a "mas tequila" kind of week.

It all began last weekend when Ben had the crazy-poop-fungus virus that all the cool kids are sharing. Then came the freaky, horrible, call-social-services diaper rash. It was not a pretty tushie week, that's for sure. Combine that with Ben's realization that he's frankly, way too big for naps, thank you very much. That's the exact formula for CRAZY MOMMY.
Bright side? I now know the true healing value of the combination of Maalox and Aquaphor on a red behind. Plus, got to hear Ben say, "Lotion on my bottom makes it all better" at every diaper change.

Monday was smooth sailing. Ben was fine. He went back to school. I got to teach my Kindermusik classes... we were in a groove. Then the clock struck midnight and it was Tuesday.

Harper has been limping on her back leg since the ice storm a week ago. We thought she was just doing her drama queen routine and hadn't taken her to the vet. On Tuesday, I decided it might be something more than an Oscar performance, so I took her to see the vet. Long story (and lots of tears and guilt and an unmentionable amount of cash) short, she has ruptured her cruciate ligament (holds the kneecap in place) and she has to have surgery. At K-State (2 1/2 hours away). On Valentine's Day.
No, we don't have pet insurance (even if we did, it's a preexisting condition).
On the up side, I'm now on a first name basis with 2 of the orthopaedic surgeons at the K-State vet hospital and Harper will have a lovely time during her 5 day stay in the hospital and her 8-weeks of post-op restricted activity. I'm trying to convince her it's like "Extreme Makeover: Doggie Style". Not sure she's 100% convinced.

Finally, in addition to the emotional "poo" we've been dealing with this week, we've been dealing with a plumbing problem. Luckily, not of the "poo" variety, but of the slow drain, occasional toilet clog variety. The plumber was here for a couple of hours on Sunday and is returning tomorrow.
Up side to this one? My mom did our laundry this week--- it was like being in college again!

According to the "rule of 3's" (you know, all bad things happen in groups of 3), we should be out of the woods soon. I hope that is the case... otherwise my next blog entry might be from a nice facility with padded walls.

So, from the file of "laugh or you'll cry", here are a few funny Ben moments that kept us going:

While brushing his teeth at my mom's house, he was asked what his toothpaste tasted like. Response? "Tastes like chicken."

Later, he asked for a snack, but wasn't sure what he wanted. My mom suggested worms. He looked at her, scrunched his face and said, "Nah. I had those yesterday."

Wednesday, I was trying to get him to take a nap, but he wanted to watch a movie...
B: Let's watch a show!
H: It's time for a nap. You may watch a show later.
B: Uh, let's try that again. I said, "Let's watch a show." You say, "Ok, Ben. Great idea." Say it in a nice voice.

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