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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Things going on this weekend that make it difficult to blog:

* Gertie is exploring her womanhood.... with loud yowling and lots of inappropriate body gestures. It's like a Brittany Spears video around here. If Brittany Spears were a cat. Consequently, Gertie is having her 2-day spa visit on Monday after which she will no longer care that she's a girl and will no longer need manicures on her front paws.

* We are doing some minor home projects. You know the kind. The ones that start innocently with a comment like, "I wonder what would happen if instead of fixing the broken rungs of the railing on the porch, we just ripped that part completely out" and ends with priming and paining all the exterior trim on the house and becoming experts at brick laying.

* After lots of colorful language and several correspondences with tech support, I finally got the new Kindermusik website to load and am now in the final stages of fixes, etc. In some ways, far more time consuming and painful than labor. It also is requiring about the same amount of happy pills.

* Ben has discovered the joys of computer gaming (nickjr.com) and is spending lots of time monopolizing any available computer (there are 3 in the house) to feed his addiction. More on that when I have more time.

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